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Welcome to the new forum, which was set up thanks to the enormous technical effort of @Gaspare Ferraro, whom I will never tire of praising, and also thanks to Darkman, who as usual pays for our server (which now has no less than 2GB of RAM :D ).

In addition to the gloomier graphics, you can notice a turn towards the English language in some parts of the forum by popular demand of the foreign users (especially master students), which hopefully will not be a hindrance to the rest of the community. In fact there would be a way to have two versions of the menus at least, but the Italian localization of this forum was made half-assedly, so we will leave it as it is, for the time being.

Facebook login now comes alongside Google+ login, and we will add a chat very shortly, possibly integrated with telegram and/or IRC. Twitter integration could be activated, but I do not think it would be useful. Clearly, everything is also optimized for access from smartphones.

In the top bar you can find a Wiki (now empty) and a Pastebin. A repository for teaching material is ready and will be connected soon, and the old forum will be back too in a read-only fashion.

[tex]\LaTeX[/tex] support is activated (a handy little button will come too, do not despair!), email notifications have been restored, you can attach files to messages, etc. etc. A more decent logo than the historic green wanker may also come (no pun intended)... Last year we came up with some good ideas on which I could work.

Of course, any suggestion is welcome. In this section you can post bug reports, requests, and everything else.

Happy surfing! ;)


  • Original post by @Gaspare Ferraro

    Feature list offered by the forum:
    * - discussion fourm, updayed
    * - git server (private repository are possible)
    * - pastebin service
    * - files storage organized by course
    * - students wiki
    * - simple file uploader
    * - personal space avaible to the students at the address ""
    * - Old forum (in italian)

    Something is still in WIP.

    If somebody wants to help: collecting materials, writing pages, suggestions, thanks you all a lot!

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